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Kenny Valentine: 

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[Come to me a stranger, I will welcome you as my kin. Offer me a story, I will listen with the very fiber of my skin. You may come to me in pieces, but we all can be made whole. The gift of unification- the only philosophy I know.]

Despite all the intense heart ache throughout my past, my heart never siezes to love unconditionally – though my mind thoroughly enjoys the opportunity to interrogate my heart ad nauseam for it’s motives. I am at heart, a true empath!

The ideas which still excite me most are a few of the simple pleasures left provided to us at no cost at all. A day outside with friends, camping next to a fire beneath the star filled sky,  going on a last minute adventure on a split second whim, or sharing stories during a late night sleepover. Though my tastes have certainly matured, few things sound better to me than this type of whole hearted connection wiith other people.

[I admit that I sometimes get quiet when I meet people for the first time, and I sometimes become depressed for reasons that aren’t always clear in my mind. I often find that I’m feeling what others think, and expressing what only their soul seems to know. It’s a gift I’m learning to live with. So why is it that at times I begin to feel we are all cursed?]


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